Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Submitting to the Zine

Hello everyone

I wanted to make a post letting people know what I am looking for when I receive a submission for MANY ANY ALL. So the art can look good and people be well represented in this collaborative project, I want to make sure I have a few things known.

-Please make sure your submission is a size that will represent well in print if it is a visual piece. This applies mostly to scanned pieces, which means when digitizing please scan and send things at 300 ppi (pixels per inch). This will ensure that your art looks great when we make the zine available!

-When sending a submission to, It is very helpful to me to include the following information so I don't have to track anyone down to ask questions after the fact. I don't want to put any wrong information in the zine and get people frustrated! Please list the title(s) of your piece, your name as you would like to be listed alongside it, and medium of the piece.

-As of now, a lot of people have been asking about size as well. Since this is new and I am not sure what to really set for a limit, I'm saying there is no limit to what you can send. I may contact you as I am creating the zine if you send a large number of pieces, possibly because I may need to make sure everyone who wants to be in the zine is represented. Too many pieces or too large of a submission may be hard to make fit everyone (and keep the Zine a reasonable size), so keep this in mind when submitting multiple things.

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest, and to people who have submitted things already. There is two weeks left in the window of submission time, so tell your friends and get people interested! Things are shaping up to make this a great zine, I can't wait to see what people continue to submit.

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